Rabindranath Tagore University

A Public State University established by upgrading Hojai College under Assam Act No. XXXIV of 2017

Rabindranath Tagore University

Academic Council

The Academic Council of Rabindranath Tagore University consists of the following members: -


  1. The Vice-Chancellor, Chairman: Prof. Amalendu Chakrabarty
  2. Vacant: The Pro Vice-Chancellor
  3. Registrar: Sri Tilak Chandra Kalita (i/c) ,Mob no: 9435318050
  4. The Academic Registrar Dr. Amar Gautam (i/c) ,Mob no: 7002536243
  5. The Director of Higher Education, Assam
  6. The Director of Technical Education, Assam
  7. The Director of Medical Education, Assam
  8. Vacant: The Deans of Faculties
  9. Vacant: The Professors of the University
  10. The University Associate Professors who are HoDs of Teaching
    1. Mrs. Jaya Ghatak (Dept. of Bengali) ,Mob no: 9435069843
    2. Dr. Monjit Saikia (Dept. of Botany) ,Mob no: 6002094447
    3. Dr. Satyajit Kumar (Dept. of Chemistry) ,Mob no:9435069311
    4. Mrs. Debjani Saha (Dept. of Economics) ,Mob no: 9435068744
    5. Mr. Ajijul Hoque (Dept. of English) ,Mob no: 9435251305
    6. Mrs. Bonti Duarah (Dept. of Education) ,Mob no: 7002289838
    7. Dr. Amar Gautam (Dept. of Commerce) ,Mob no: 7002536243
    8. Dr. Gajendra Nath Sarma (Dept. of Physics) ,Mob no: 9435318144
    9. Dr. Prem Sagar Prasad (Dept. of Pol.Sc.) ,Mob no: 9435065935
    10. Dr. Abhijit Kataky (Dept. of Zoology) ,Mob no: 9435223616
  11. Mrs. Achala Bhattacharjee: The Librarian of the University ,Mob no: 9954646566
  12. President and Secretary, RTUTA
    1. Dr. Gajendra Nath Sarma (Dept. of Physics) ,Mob no: 9435318144, 9435223616
    2. Dr. Nazrul Islam Barbhuyanm: Secretary RTUTA ,Mob no: 8099008594
  13. Vacant: The Principal of Constituent Colleges


  1. Maximum three persons possessing expert knowledge in subject to be appointed by the Hon’ble Chancellor:
    1. Mrinal Kanti Dutta, Professor (Economics) Dept. of Humanities, IIT, Guwahati. Mob. No. 9954130771
    2. Dr. Satyendra Nath Barman, Principal B. Barooah College, RG Baruah Road, Ulubari, Guwahati. Mob. No.9435535155
  2. Two persons to be elected by the Court other than employees or students of the University: (Vacant)
    1. (To be elected by the Court who are not employees nor students)
    2. (To be elected by the Court who are not employees nor students)
  3. Two members (one female) of the erstwhile Hojai College/ RTU Alumni (to be nominated by the VC):
    1. Mrs. Farzana Begum Architectural Engineer, College Road, Hojai ,Mob no: 9101293519
    2. B. N. Singh Retired Prof. of Economics Dept., erstwhile Hojai College/RTU ,Mob no: 9706546368